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Dr. Nayan Roy

Dr. Nayan Roy had completed his Ph.D. in Zoology from the University of Burdwan and presently appointed as an Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology, M.U.C. Women’s College, Burdwan, W.B., India. His area of specialization is Chemical Ecology of Plant-Insect Interactions and climate smart pest management (CSPM). In due course of his research work, he became well acquainted with laboratory techniques on phytochemical analysis including isolation, chemical characterization and estimation as well as assessing their role in plant-insect interactions. He is equally efficient in field work for find out the biodiversity, pest biology including their behavioral ecology, allelopathy and green nanotechnology. He has a standing interest in how plants and insects interact and how they have affected each other in their growth and development. Herbivorous insects and green plants together make up over half of all known biodiversity. He is trying to find the range of behaviors shown by insects to unravel the complexity of their interactions with plants. The demographic study and nutritional ecology of the insect pest may help their ecological management in future. The potential for studying these topics in India is enormous toward applied issues for pest control as well as for fundamental ecology. He has extensively studied the top-down and bottom-up regulation of some crop plant by their defoliators. He is also working on the allelopathic effects of plants and synthesizes metallic nanoparticles in green synthesis approach. Recently, he is very much concerned the insect pest management rather their control through the use of demography and nutritional ecology along with trap cropping system through CSPM strategy for sustainable environmental development and human welfare.

          He has academic membership in different associations and acts as editorial board member of more than one dozen of journals. He is conducting minor and major research projects from UGC and DST as PI. He has published more than 30 original research papers in different national and international journals. He has presented more than 25 research papers in national and international seminars or symposiums.