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Plagiarism Policy

By submitting articles to Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Biosciences, the manuscript undergoes a quick screening for its content as per the scope of the journal. Then, the manuscript is checked for plagiarism and sent to an editorial board member for approval before being sent for peer review. It is at the sole discretion of our editors (based on the percentage of plagiarism encountered) that a plagiarized manuscript is rejected and/or the author is given some time to resubmit the corrected, non-plagiarized manuscript, which shall be treated as a fresh submission.

This reduces the burden on our peer-reviewers so that they can focus their time and effort on accessing the content of the manuscript, thus leading to an efficient peer-review.

Plagiarism is discouraged at every step and can lead to withdrawal of the manuscript/article.

All the papers submitted have to pass through an initial screening and will be checked through the advanced plagiarism detection licensed software Plagiarism Checker X  version 7.0.6 Copyright. , LLC-All right reserved (Plagiarism Checker X Pro).

Penalties for Plagiarism

When plagiarism has been found to have occurred, IJPAB will take the actions listed below as determined by the type of plagiarism.

The authors will be asked to write a formal letter of apology to the authors of the plagiarized paper, including an admission of plagiarism.

If the paper is under submission, the paper can be automatically rejected by the Managing Editor or the Editor board without further revisions and without any further plagiarism investigation coordinated by the Managing Editor.