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Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Biosciences (IJPAB)
Year : 2022, Volume : 10, Issue : 1
First page : (47) Last page : (53)
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An Economics Analysis of Honey Production in Baghpat District of Western Uttar Pradesh

Nitin Kumar Nag*, Arun Solanki and Pukhraj Singh
Deptt. Of Agricultural Economics, J. V. College, Baraut (Baghpat) – 250611
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Received: 17.12.2021 | Revised: 24.01.2022 | Accepted: 7.02.2022 


This study of Beekeeping, considered to be a 'no investment-profit-giving' venture, is an age-old tradition in India. The diversity of Bee- flora and varied agro-climate conditions in Uttar Pradesh offers enormous potential for the development and growth of apiculture. The district has six development blocks out of which two bocks, namely Baraut and Baghpat blocks were selected randomly for the study. Keeping low number of Honey bee producers in the study area, all 10 Honey bee producers. On the basis of Honey box unit, these bee producers were categories in two categories, i.e. 1-100 box and 101-200 box. The primary data were collected by survey method with respondents through scheduled personal interviews. The income from honey / box / annum came to Rs. 8077.36 in 1-100 box category while Rs. 8514.36 in 101-200 box category and the average income / box / annum came to Rs. 8295.83. The table also shows the category wise input-output ratio. The average of Input-Output Ratio came out to 1:3.65, while category wise, it came to 1:3.45 for 1-100 box category and 1:3.85 for 101-200 box category. The Operational cost of honey production/kg came to Rs. 57.87 for 1-100 box category while Rs. 50.91 for 101- 200 box category. The average operational cost came to Rs. 54.39. The operational cost of 1-100 box category and 101-200 box category came to Rs. 162.13 and Rs. 169.09 respectively. The average return over operational cost came to Rs. 165.61. This study is that Honey Production is a good combination for mixed farming because it requires less area of land, small capital, and high return. So those farmers who have less area of land should adopt honey production as a subsidiary occupation.

Keywords: Apiculture, Honey Production, Bee- flora, Beekeeping.

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Cite this article: Nag, N. K., Solanki, A., & Singh, P. (2022). An Economics Analysis of Honey Production in Baghpat District of Western Uttar Pradesh, Ind. J. Pure App. Biosci.10(1), 47-53. doi: