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International Journal of Pure & Applied Bioscience (IJPAB)
Year : 2016, Volume : 4, Issue : 3
First page : (167) Last page : (171)
Article doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.18782/2320-7051.2297

Comparison of Nutritional Quality of Lacto-Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Diets of Diabetic Patients

Bijal Vora* and Madhavi SatheĀ 
Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Dr. BMN College of Home Science, 338, R A Kidwai Road, Matunga, Mumbai, India
*Corresponding Author E-mail: bijalvora15@gmail.com
Received: 27.05.2016  |  Revised: 12.06.2016   |  Accepted: 15.06.2016  

The aim of the study was to compare the nutritional quality of diets in lacto-vegetarian and non-vegetarian diabetic patients. A total of 100 Type 2 Diabetic patients between the ages of 50-60 years (males and females) who were willing to be a part of the study were enrolled for the study. The participants were further grouped as 50 lacto-vegetarians and 50 non-vegetarians. A primary questionnaire was designed to seek information about their background, their dietary pattern, the food choices along with their management and physical activity pattern. The respondents were also asked to maintain 3-day diet record through which the quality of the diet in both groups was assessed using a scale based on ICMR/API-ICP guidelines and each diet was scored accordingly. Based on data collected and analyzed it was found that lacto-vegetarians had a better dietary pattern than the non-vegetarians. The study also showed that the dietary quality score of both the group were lower and thus no significant difference (p>0.05) was found between the mean dietary quality score between both the groups.

Key words: Type 2 Diabetes, Lacto-vegetarians, Non-vegetarians, Dietary quality score

Full Text : PDF; Journal doi : http://dx.doi.org/10.18782

Cite this article: Vora, B. and Sathe, M., Comparison of Nutritional Quality of Lacto-Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Diets of Diabetic Patients, Int. J. Pure App. Biosci.4(3): 167-171 (2016). doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.18782/2320-7051.2297