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International Journal of Pure & Applied Bioscience (IJPAB)
Year : 2017, Volume : 5, Issue : 3
First page : (398) Last page : (402)
Article doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.18782/2320-7051.5031

Effectiveness of Selection from Biparental Mating in Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss

P. K. Prem Meena*, Harphool Meena, Rajesh Kumar Mahawar and Bheru Lal Kumhar
Agricultural Research Station, Ummedgang, Kota, Rajasthan
*Corresponding Author E-mail: pkp_meena@rediffmail.com
Received: 18.06.2017  |  Revised: 27.06.2017   |  Accepted: 28.06.2017  


Biparental mating was attempted in F2 generation of three crosses of Brassica Juncea (L.) Czern & Coss., according to North Carolina Design II, including a white rust resistant common parent, i.e. Poorbijaya. Most of the characters exhibited higher magnitude of additive genetic variance in Poorbijaya x NRCDR-2 and Poorbijaya x DRMRIJ-31 crosses, where as in Poorbijaya x Varuna cross, higher magnitude of dominance variance was observed for five characters. Selection was exercised among the biparental progenies for more branching, high oil content, high seed yield/ plant and least white rust resistant (WR) infection. The 18 best recombinants were selected from the total 2160 sampled plants and evaluated in replicated trials along with 4 basic parents, which also included the national check, Varuna to compare the yielding performance. There were 17 selections which indicated higher oil content than the check Varuna and 13 selections significantly out yielded the check. The best yielder 2 selections were also showed less WR infection as compared to even resistant parent.

Key words: Brassica Juncea, Biparental Mating, Selection, Components of Genetic Variance

Full Text : PDF; Journal doi : http://dx.doi.org/10.18782

Cite this article: Meena, P.K.P., Meena, H., Mahawar, R.K. and Kumhar, B.L., Effectiveness of Selection from Biparental Mating in Brassica juncea (L.) Czern & Coss, Int. J. Pure App. Biosci.5(3): 398-402 (2017). doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.18782/2320-7051.5031