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International Journal of Pure & Applied Bioscience (IJPAB)
Year : 2018, Volume : 6, Issue : 2
First page : (1122) Last page : (1128)
Article doi: :

Influence of Plant Geometry on Performance of Cotton Variety Co 14 under Winter Irrigated Condition

Iyarin Thanka Mahil E.1* and Subbalakshmi Lokanadhan2
1Research scholar, Department of Agronomy, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore- 641 003
2Professor of Agronomy, TNAU, Coimbatore-641 003
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Received: 6.01.2018  |  Revised: 15.02.2018   |  Accepted: 20.02.2018  



Field experiment were conducted during winter season of 2016-17 at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore to study the influence of high density planting system on cotton growth, seed cotton yield and fibre quality. Coimbatore is situated in the western zone of Tamil Nadu at 11ºN latitude and 77ºE longitude with an altitude of 42.7 m above mean sea level. The soil in the experimental site was sandy loam soil. The experiment consisted of seven spacing levels viz., 90 x 45 cm (24,691 plants ha-1), 60 x 30 cm (55,555 plants ha-1), 90 x 45-10 cm (42,328 plants ha-1), 60 x 30-10 cm (83,333 plants ha-1), 80 x 10 cm (1,25,000 plants ha-1), 90 x 10 cm (1,11,111 plants ha-1) and 100 x 10 cm (1,00,000 plants ha-1). The cotton variety Co 14 was selected for the experiment. Observations were recorded for plant height, Leaf Area Index (LAI), Dry Matter Production (DMP), Relative Growth Rate (RGR), Crop Growth Rate (CGR), number of bolls m+2, single boll weight (g), seed cotton yield (kg ha-1) and quality parameters data were statistically analyzed. The results revealed that Co 14 variety with 80 x 10 cm spacing gave higher LAI (3.58), DMP (6824 kg ha-1), RGR (33.2 mg g-1 day-1 between 30 to 60 DAS), CGR (9.70 g m-2 day-1 between 60 to 90 DAS), number of bolls m-2 (101), seed cotton yield (2734 kg ha-1) and 90 x 45 cm gave higher plant height (87.43 cm), single boll weight (3.45 g) and seed cotton yield plant-1 (44 g plant-1). The quality parameters were not differing by plant spacing levels.

Key words: Plant spacing, Co 14 variety, Boll, Seed cotton yield, Quality parameters

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Cite this article: Mahil, E I.T. and Lokanadhan, S., Influence of Plant Geometry on Performance of Cotton Variety Co 14 under Winter Irrigated Condition, Int. J. Pure App. Biosci.6(2): 1122-1128 (2018). doi: