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International Journal of Pure & Applied Bioscience (IJPAB)
Year : 2018, Volume : 6, Issue : 5
First page : (995) Last page : (1000)
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Combining Ability Studies for Fruit Yield and Quality Traits in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

B. Sureshkumara*, H. B. Lingaiah, M. Shivapriya, R. Venugopalan and M. Anjanappa

Part of Ph.D. Horticulture work, University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot, Karnataka
Department of Vegetable Science, College of Horticulture, UHS Campus, GKVK Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Received: 3.09.2018  |  Revised: 30.09.2018   |  Accepted: 8.10.2018  



The present investigation was undertaken to study the combining ability of parents and crosses for fruit yield and quality components in tomato using 45 hybrids involving 10 lines in half diallel design. The present study revealed that none of the parent was good general combiner for all the traits as combining ability effects were not consistent for yield and its components. Five parents viz., C-13-1-2-1, IIHR-2199, D-12-1-6-1, IIHR-2201 and Arka Sourabh were good general combiners for yield per plant as they have shown significant gca effect in positive direction. The crosses, D-12-1-6-1 × D-6-1-9-6-1, Arka Sourabh × C-13-1-2-1, Arka Sourabh × D-6-1-9-6-1 and Arka Sourabh × C-13-1-2-1 are best specific combiner for average fruit weight, number of fruits per cluster, number of clusters per plant and yield per plant respectively. These are the combinations of parents with positive × positive gca effects. Among these crosses Arka Sourbah is common parent. This indicates presence of additive × additive type of gene action in the expression of these characters. 

Key words:  General combining ability, Specific combining ability, Additive gene action

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Cite this article: Sureshkumara, B., Lingaiah, H. B., Shivapriya, M., Venugopalan, R. and Anjanappa, M., Combining ability studies for fruit yield and quality traits in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.), Int. J. Pure App. Biosci.6(5): 995-1000 (2018). doi: