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International Journal of Pure & Applied Bioscience (IJPAB)
Year : 2018, Volume : 6, Issue : 6
First page : (890) Last page : (904)
Article doi: :

Alien Gene Introgression in Crop Improvement – New Insights

Asmat Ara*, P. A. Sofi, M. A. Rather, Z. A. Dar, M.A. Bhat and Asma Hamid

Division of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology of
Kashmir, Wadura, Sopore – 193201  India
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Received: 6.11.2018  |  Revised: 15.12.2018   |  Accepted: 24.12.2018  



Alien genes have contributed several traits in the crop plants which are not available in the cultivated background. These have helped plant breeders in creating newer genetic diversity, thereby providing additional avenues of selection of better plant types. Vertical and horizontal transfer of alien genes has changed the fate of several crops by imparting resistance to diseases and insect-pests, tolerance to abiotic stresses22. Several challenges such as pre- and post fertilization barriers in distant crosses, problems in normal chromosome pairing, linkage drag, pleiotropic effects and role of recipient genome background on the expression of introgressed alien gene(s) and in HGT, erratic regeneration protocols, difficulty in isolation of genes from wild species and their expression in recipient plants, and possibilities of gene flow pose significant challenges to make alien gene transfer a routine process across all crop species7. However, recent advances in sequencing and genotyping technologies have made it possible to develop molecular markers as well as undertake genotyping at large scale in both major as well as minor (or so called orphan crop species) that can be used not only for developing high density genetic and physical maps but also for generating transcriptome or sequence data. In parallel, the high-throughput sequencing and genotyping approaches can be used to detect genetic variation existed in germplasm collection not only in cultivated gene pool but also in landraces and wild species. Furthermore, the QTLs or genes or superior alleles for the trait of interest identified through linkage mapping, association mapping, AB-QTL approach can be introgressed or pyramided in elite varieties or genotype of interest by using MAGIC, MABC, MARS or GWS approaches.

Key words: Introgression, Genotyping, Fertilization, QTL

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Cite this article: Ara, A., Sofi, P.A., Rather, M.A., Dar, Z.A., Bhat, M.A. and Hamid, A., Alien Gene Introgression in Crop Improvement – New Insights, Int. J. Pure App. Biosci.6(6): 890-904 (2018). doi: