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International Journal of Pure & Applied Bioscience (IJPAB)
Year : 2019, Volume : 7, Issue : 2
First page : (228) Last page : (234)
Article doi: :

Bio Efficacy of Diquat Applied In Potato and their Carry over Effect on Succeeding Maize Crop in South Eastern Rajasthan

R. S. Narolia*, B. S. Meena, B. L. Nagar and A. K. Verma

1,2Assistant Professor (Agronomy), 3Assistant Professor (Horticulture), 4SMS (Agronomy)
Agricultural Research Station (Agriculture University), Ummedganj, Kota-324001, Rajasthan
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Received: 11.03.2019  |  Revised: 15.04.2019   |  Accepted: 21.04.2019  



A field experiment was conducted at Agricultural Research Station, Kota, Rajasthan during rainy (Rabi) season of 2015-16 and 2016-17, to evaluate bio efficacy of diquat applied in potato and their carry over effect on succeeding maize crop in south eastern Rajasthan. Treatments included pre post emergence application of diquat 20 % SL @ 0.5 to 2.4 kg a.i/ha, Paraquat dichloride 24 % SL @ 0.24 kg a.i/ha, two hand weeding at 80 and 100 DAS and weedy check, and was laid out in randomized block design with three replications. The pooled data of two years revealed that application of diquat @ 0.7 kg a.i/ha resulted in significantly higher weed control efficiency, plant height, shoots/plant, biomass production at 90 DAS and at harvest,  tubers/plant, tuber yield, straw yield, net return and B:C ratio. The higher yield of “C” grade (0-25g) and “D” grade (>75g) tubers were recorded with early post emergent application of diquat 20 % SL @ 0.7 kg a.i./ha and “C” grade (25-50g) with diquat 20 % SL @  0.5 kg a.i./ha. However, maximum tuber yield of “A” grade (0-25g) was noticed with diquat 20 % SL @  2.4 kg a.i./ha fb diquat 20 % SL @  1.2 kg a.i./ha. Residual effect of diquat 20 % SL on succeeding crop maize was not seen.     

Key word:  Bio efficacy, Crop production, Potato, Diquat, Maize, Weed control

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Cite this article: Narolia, R.S., Meena, B.S., Nagar, B.L. and Verma, A.K., Bio Efficacy of Diquat Applied in Potato and Their Carry over Effect on Succeeding Maize Crop in South Eastern Rajasthan, Int. J. Pure App. Biosci.7(2): 228-234 (2019). doi: