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International Journal of Pure & Applied Bioscience (IJPAB)
Year : 2019, Volume : 7, Issue : 2
First page : (258) Last page : (266)
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A Review on Biodiesel Production as Alternative Fuel

S. Krishnaprabu*

Assistant professor, Department of Agronomy, Annamalai University
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Received: 5.01.2019  |  Revised: 2.02.2019   |  Accepted: 10.02.2019  



Biodiesel has become a key source as a substitution fuel and is making its place as a key future renewable energy source. As an alternative fuel for diesel engines, it is becoming increasingly important due to diminishing petroleum reserves and the environmental consequences of exhaust gases from petroleum-fuelled engines. To minimize the biofuel cost, in recent days waste cooking oil was used as feedstock. The used cooking oils are used as raw material, adaption of continuous transesterification process and recovery of high quality glycerol from biodiesel by-product (glycerol) are primary options to be considered to lower the cost of biodiesel.  There are four primary ways to make biodiesel, direct use and blending, micro-emulsions, thermal cracking (pyrolysis) and transesterification. The utilization of liquid fuels such as biodiesel produced from used cooking oil by transesterification process represents one of the most promising options for the use of conventional fossil fuels. However, as the biodiesel is produced from vegetable oils and animal fats, there are concerns that biodiesel feedstock may compete with food supply in the long-term. Currently, the higher GHG emissions from fossil fuel has persuaded the policy makers, investors and researchers to think more of the substitution of fossil fuels to save the planet. In this review, the processes of biodiesel production by transesterification and factors affecting biodiesel production are also addressed. 

Key words: Biodiesel; Transesterification, Pyrolysis, Micro-emulsion, Direct Use and Blending

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