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International Journal of Pure & Applied Bioscience (IJPAB)
Year : 2019, Volume : 7, Issue : 3
First page : (461) Last page : (470)
Article doi: :

Studies on Engineering Properties of Coconuts for Effective Dehusking

J. S. Amudhayazhini, P. Rajkumar*, S. Ganapathy and C. Indu rani

Department of Food Process Engineering, Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute,
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore – 03
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Received: 11.04.2019 | Revised: 16.05.2019 | Accepted: 24.05.2019  



Dehusking is a process of the removal of husk from the nut and one of the primary post-harvest operations in coconut processing. As a part of the development of coconut dehusker, the engineering properties such as size, weight, shell diameter, moisture content, husk thickness, husk penetrating force and husk separation force for both green and dry coconuts were studied. The physical properties of green coconuts were observed as average dimensions of 203 mm (X), 145 mm (Y) and 140 mm (Z), weight of 1kg, shell diameter of 89 mm and average moisture content of 45.2 % and husk thickness of 33 mm at pedicel, 22 mm at centre and 22 mm at apex. The maximum husk penetrating force for green coconuts of 196.2 N was observed at 47 mm thickness and a maximum husk separating force of 430 N was observed. The physical properties of dry coconuts were observed as the average dimensions of 182 mm (X), 123 mm (Y) and
120 mm (Z), weight of 0.71 kg, shell diameter of 88 mm and average moisture content of
23.5 % and husk thickness of 22 mm at pedicel, 12 mm at centre and 16 mm at apex. The maximum husk penetrating force for dry coconuts of 156 N was observed at a thickness of 35 mm and maximum husk penetrating force of 520 N was observed. The results showed the dependency of husk penetrating force on husk thickness. Maximum husk separating force was observed for dry coconuts than green coconuts. So it is easy to dehusk green coconuts than dry coconuts.

Key words: Coconuts, Dehusking, Thickness, Moisture content, Force.

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Cite this article: Amudhayazhini, J.S., Rajkumar, P., Ganapathy, S., Indu rani, C., Studies on Engineering Properties of Coconuts for Effective Dehusking, Int. J. Pure App. Biosci.7(3): 461-470 (2019). doi: