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Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Biosciences (IJPAB)
Year : 2020, Volume : 8, Issue : 6
First page : (431) Last page : (435)
Article doi: :

Stepwise Regression Analysis of Profile Characteristics of the Respondents towards the Women Empowerment

Sakunthala I. A.*
Department of Basic Engineering & Applied Sciences, Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute,
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Kumulur -621 712, Trichy Dist
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Received: 8.10.2020 | Revised: 14.11.2020 | Accepted: 19.11.2020 


Stepwise regression is an automatic computational procedure that attempts to find the “best” multiple regression model using only statistically significant predictors from a larger set of potential predictive variables. The regression model describes the relationship between a dependent (outcome) variable (Y) and two or more independent (predictor or explanatory) variables (Xj), using a model where Y=B0+B1X1+B2X2+…+ BkXK +eY =B0+B1X1+B2X2+…+ BkXK+e. Computer programs are used to find the Bj weight for each Xj variable so as to minimize the sum of the squared error (e) for cases used to generate the model. The unique contribution of each Xj variable can be tested with a t test and associated p value, using the null hypothesis that Bj = 0 in the population.  By using this stepwise regression analysis, the researcher could identify the most influencing independent variables .Thus this study selects 17 variables using judges opinion. Out of 17 independent variables studied, the coefficient of correlation of seven variables were positively significant at 1.00 per cent level of probability. These variables were innovativeness, economic motivation, progressiveness, scientific orientation, self confidence, self responsibility and trainings undergone. Apart from that, the variables such as mother's education, respondent's education, occupation and mental activity had shown significant relationship at 5.00 per cent level of probability. Therefore it could be concluded that the above mentioned 11 variables alone had significant relationship with the extension empowerment. The other six variables had no significant relationship. The study was conducted at Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu state. The profile characteristics and empowerment were studied from 337 women using well structured Interview schedule.

Keywords: Stepwise regression analysis, Innovativeness, Progressiveness, Economic motivation

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