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Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Biosciences (IJPAB)
Year : 2021, Volume : 9, Issue : 3
First page : (76) Last page : (83)
Article doi: :

Impacts of Tillage Technologies on Soil, Plant, Environment and Its Management: A Short Communication

Aqarab Husnain Gondal1*, Hooria Zafar1, Hamza Yousaf1, Qammar Farooq1, Bisma Imran Ch1, Muhammad Danish Toor2, Muhammad Sufhan Tahir1, Muhammad Amin1, Maryam Tariq1, Azra Parveen3, Muhammad Usama1 and Shahana Saleem1
1Institute of Soil and Environmental Sciences, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad 38040, Pakistan
2European University of Lefke, Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Department of Environmental Sciences Northern Cyprus TR-10 Mersin Turkey
3Department of Soil and Environmental Sciences, Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan
*Corresponding Author E-mail:
Received: 10.04.2021 | Revised: 17.05.2021 | Accepted: 25.05.2021 


Tillage is the physical manipulation of soil to improve physical soil conditions. In Pakistan, various tillage technologies such as primary and secondary tillage affect plant growth, incorporate organic matter residues into the soil, eradicate weeds, and prepare the bed for seed germination preventing soil erosion and preparing the ground for irrigation. Furthermore, tillage practices change soil water holding capacity, temperature, aeration, and the mixing of crop residues within the soil matrix. Today's real agricultural problems are resource depletion with declining production, decreased human resources, and rising prices and societal shifts due to different anthropogenic activities (tillage). These changes in the physical environment and the food supply of the organisms affect different groups of organisms in different ways. In addition, they are also affecting the environment health. Therefore, its management, including conservation tillage and other includes cover crop, organic residues, and direct sowing of rice seedling is necessary to mitigate the problems. The present review discusses the tillage systems effects on soil, plants, environment and their possible solutions.

Keywords: Tillage systems, Crop production, Resource depletion, Advanced technologies, Management.

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Cite this article: Gondal, A. H., Zafar, H., Yousaf, H., Farooq, Q., Bisma Imran Ch, Toor, M. D., Tahir, M. S., Amin, M., Tariq, M., Parveen, A., Usama, M., & Saleem, S. (2021). Impacts of Tillage Technologies on Soil, Plant, Environment and Its Management: A Short Communication, Ind. J. Pure App. Biosci. 9(3), 76-83. doi: