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Archives - 2013 Volume 1, issue 4

Purification and Characterization of Bacterial Chitinase isolated from Crustacean Shells

V. Anuradha and K. Revathi
Page No: 1-11

Remediation of Oil- Contaminated wetland by Hevea brasilliensis

Nwaichi, E. O. , Chukwu, L. C. and Nwoha, P. A.
Page No: 12-17

Determination of sex by discriminant function analysis: A cephalometric study

Mahesh Kumar, Moh. Muzzaffar Lone and Patnaik VVG
Page No: 18-21

Characterization of Warri Refinery Effluent and its Recipient Medium

Nwaichi, E. O. , Essien, E. B. and Ugbeyide, E.
Page No: 22-27

Evolution of toxic properties of Anti Alzheimer’s Drugs through Lipinski’s rule of five

Nirmala Kumari. Borra and Yellamma. Kuna
Page No: 28-36

Haemolymph Glucose level of F1 progeny raised from Ethyl Methanesulfonate treated Silkworm Bombyx mori L.

H. B. Mahesha and P.H. Thejaswini
Page No: 37-41

Detection of Autoantibodies in Lada patients and their siblings and HLA Typing of these patients

Page No: 42-50

Ecomark scheme as a Pre-requisit for strategic Environmental Assessment in India

Er. S. S. Kopekar and Dr. N. S. Raman
Page No: 51-62

Distribution of some Heavy Metals in selected Seafood and Shell from abonnema water in rivers in State Nigeria

Nwaichi, E. O., Belonwu, D. C. and Nkomadu, C. J.
Page No: 63-66

Phylogenetic reconstruction of the narrow-leaf cattail Typha angustifolia L., using the chloroplast maturase K (matK) gene sequence

A. Sethuraman and K.P. Sanjayan
Page No: 67-77

Effects of Phyto Antioxidants on the course of Coronary Artery disease

Vasudeva, Ruchita and Sharma, Navdeep
Page No: 78-82

Biological Management of Post Harvest Diseases of Citrus

K. Venkata Ramesh
Page No: 83-92