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Archives - 2013 Volume 1, issue 6

Green synthesis of Silver Nanoparticle using Terminalia chebula and Assessment of its Antimicrobial Activity

Rashmi Dwivedi
Page No: 1-6

History and Taxonomy of Aegle marmelos: A Review

Nidhi Sharma and Widhi Dubey
Page No: 7-13

Peroxidase Effect of the Root of Brassica napus var. rapifera (turnip) Phenol Concentration in Water Samples of Lake Chapala, Jalisco Mexico

Ruvalcaba Cobián Jesús Carlos , Martínez Palomar José Rafael , Ruvalcaba Ledezma Jesús Carlos
Page No: 14-23

Snake venom as Anticancer agent- Current Perspective

Aarti C and Khusro A
Page No: : 24-29

Étude de la variabilité hydroclimatique et de ses conséquences sur les ressources en eau du Sud forestier et agricole de la Côte d'Ivoire : cas de la région d'Abidjan-Agboville

AHOUSSI Kouassi Ernest, KOFFI Yao Blaise , KOUASSI Amani Michel , SORO Gbombélé , SORO Nagnin, BIÉMI Jean
Page No: 30-50

An efficient protocol for in vitro aseptic shoot multiplication and plant regeneration of Rosmarinus officinalis- An Important Medicinal Plant Using axillary bud

Leelavathi.D , Yashoda and Narendra Kuppan
Page No: 51-55

Partial Purification and Characterization of Peroxidase from Seedlings of Tomato

Ami Lokhandwala and Madhumati Bora
Page No: 56-66

A Study on Avifaunal Diversity and their Conservation Status of Chandubi Tectonic Lake, Assam, India

C. Deka and B. Nath
Page No: 67-71

Dietary composition of Leopard (Panthera pardus fusca) in Mukandara Hills National Park, Kota, Rajasthan, India

Hari Mohan Meena, Ganesh Lal, Satyadeo Kumar, and Krishnendra Singh Nama
Page No: 72-76

New Additions to the Freshwater Algae I - Chlorophyceae

Jose John and Mannancheril Sebastian Francis
Page No: 77-83

Basic Principles for Effective Food Preservation: A Review

Subha Ganguly
Page No: 84-85

In-vitro Optimization of Bio-ethanol Production from Agro wastes using Trichoderma sps.

Prasad M.P. Savani Kanji, Intwala Vilish and Chirag Patel
Page No: 86-93

Therapeutic Properties and Significance of Different parts of Ashwagandha- A Medicinal Plant

Chaurasia Pratibha, Bora Madhumati and Parihar Akarsh
Page No: 94-101

Effect of formal Education Programme and Environment on Adolescent Students Knowledge and Attitude Towards AIDS (A Retrospective Study)

Ezonbodor Akwagbe and Rose Ebieroba
Page No: 102-116

Antibactericital activity of Silver nitrate on Biofilm forming Aeromonas spp. Isolated from Drinking water

S. Thenmozhi, P. Rajeswari, M. Kalpana, M. Haemalatha, and P.Vijayalakshmi
Page No: 117-125

Alkaline extraction of xylan from agricultural waste, for the cost effective production of xylooligosaccharides, using thermoalkaline xylanase of thermophilic Anoxybacillus sp. Ip-C.

Ipsit Hauli, Bidisha Sarkar, Trinetra Mukherjee, Amarnath Chattopadhyay, Subhra Kanti Mukhopadhyay
Page No: 126-131

Comparison of N- Docosanol and B- Sitosterol Content in the leaf and Stem Bark of Prunus africana Collected from different Geographical Zones in Tanzania

Benson Peter Mugaka, Paul Erasto, Joseph Nicolao Otieno, Rogassian Anselem Mahunnah, Elianghiringa Kaale
Page No: 132-138

Catharanthus roseus (An anti-cancerous drug yielding plant) - A Review of Potential Therapeutic Properties

Monika Sain, Vandana Sharma
Page No: 139-142

Biological Management of Aspergillus Rot of Pomegranate

K. Venkata Ramesh
Page No: 143-150

Evaluation of Cashew Varieties in Southern Telangana Zone of Andhra Pradesh

K. Kaladhar Babu, B. Ramesh Babu and N.B.V.Chalapathi Rao
Page No: 151-152

Trophic Evaluation of an Urban Wetland of Ajmer, Rajasthan

Renu Sharma
Page No: 153-162